Annual Lecture Audio Listening

May, 2015
Journalist Toby Young came to give the Explore Annual Lecture last week.  We expected to be entertained by his self-deprecating humour, and we were: by a lively account of how he overcame all kinds of refusals and setbacks, to persuade his girlfriend to marry him.  

Around that story came not one but two serious discussions about the importance of the institution of marriage today. First the 'progressive argument' of public policy, that quite frankly there is more social good and less social harm done if only most family relationships are marriages.  And secondly, the argument from experience, that after fifteen years Toby is so delighted by his own marriage that he wishes everyone could enjoy the same advantages in life.

There were plenty of questions put to Toby, and much agreement expressed too.  

Please click here to listen to the lecture.

Please click here to listen to an interview follow up from the lecture.


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